Crania Norvegica II


K. E. Schreiner


1: Introductory

2: Material, Its Period and Provenience

3: The Stone Age

(1) The Mesolithic in Scandinavia and North Germany

(2) The Neolithic
     a) Middle Europe
     b) Denmark
     c) Sweden
     d) East Prussia
     e) The Baltic
     f) Northwest Russia
     g) The British Isles
     h) Norway

4: The Bronze Age

     a) Norway
     b) Denmark
     c) Sweden

5: The Iron Age

(1) The Roman Period

(2) The Later Iron Age

     a) The Norwegian Skulls from the Migration Period, the Merovingian Era, and the Viking Age
     b) A Comparison of the Norwegian Skulls with Various Other Series
     c) The Sex Ratio
     d) The Standard Deviations and Coefficients of Variation
     e) The Frequency Distribution of the Principal Lengths of the Brain-case and of the Most Significant Indices
     f) Correlations
     g) Type Contours
     h) Skull Types

6: The Nordic Skull and the Nordic Race, a Retrospect

7: References

8: Appendix. Individual Measurements of Norwegian Iron Age Skulls