The Society for Nordish Physical
Anthropology (SNPA)

This is a web site dedicated to physical-anthropological research into the various indigenous populations of northern Europe. The information presented on this site is harvested chiefly from sources dating from before 1950, as there has been little progress in the field since that time. We are observing a rising interest in this and related subjects, particularly on the Internet, and we hope that our site will be of interest as a purely informational resource.

The term Nordish, as applied by the SNPA, implies a set of human physical types and subtypes historically and culturally indigenous to northern Europe.

We would like the reader to note that the SNPA site is not politically motivated. The association of certain scholars quoted here with racialist political agendas, is not to be understood as an admission of consent to such agendas.

The SNPA does not assume responsibility for any referral to this site from politically motivated websites.

If the reader finds reason to question the contents of this site, or if you would like us to withdraw any item of textual or photographical nature, please , and we will consider your request immediately.

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Last updated: July 23rd, 2006.


This column will provide you with the latest news from the SNPA:

2006-04-03: Coon's The Races of Europe is now complete.

2006-04-02: Chapter XI of Coon's The Races of Europe has been added.

2006-04-01: New appendices have been added to Coon's The Races of Europe.

2006-03-30: Chapter V of Coon's The Races of Europe has been added.

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