The Nordish Gallery is a revision of the earlier "Race Gallery". We have attempted to outline the principal physical types of northern Europe (the Nordish group), their origins, physical attributes, and geographical distribution. The types we have attempted to describe indicate fundamental population elements, described as if in vitro, and it should be noted that types themselves ("in vivo") do not constitute "pure populations". Typical features are recapitulated to varying degrees in individuals, in accordance with the presence of other population elements.

The SNPA's system of classification is essentially an adaption of (as well as a departure from) the early typology of Carleton Coon, as outlined in his The Races of Europe (1939), and may in this regard diverge from certain other contemporary systems. As of today, no single unified system of classification is recognized, partly as a result of the continuing ostracism of racial anthropological research from the realm of scientific endeavors. Please enjoy our attempt at an outline.