The designation Sub-Nordic, or more precisely Subnordique, was used by Montandon to designate a central European Nordid altered by Alpinid admixture. The name has also been applied to an eastern European blended type (Deniker).

Other names:



Iron Age Nordid and Alpinid intermediate (either one predominant); in northern regions (the Be-Ne-Lux in particular) it often subsumes an unreduced Upper Palaeolithic Borreby strain.


The type is variable, and less stabilized than adjacent blends, e.g. Nordid. Consequently, the Sub-Nordid type or gradient occupies various intermediate anthropometric and morphological positions between Nordid and Alpinid.


Examples from The Races of Europe (Carleton S. Coon 1939):

(North Brabant,
    (West Flanders, (Bern, Switzerland)  (northern France;
Netherlands)             Belgium)                                  "Galatian type")

Celebrity examples:

  Calista Flockhart        Brigitte Bardot      Christopher Lambert      Julie Delpy
 (USA)                     (France)
                  (French parents)               (France)



Geographical distribution:

Sub-Nordid types are found in great concentrations in Austria, Switzerland, France and adjacent territories - essentially anywhere where Nordid and Alpinid elements are both salient in the population.

Special subtypes:

- Galatian type (a special French variety)

Related or similar types:

- Alpinid
- Keltic Nordid
- Norid
- Walloons type